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Free Appliance Disposal

Here's a handy link to the City of Lethbridge to dispose of your end of life large appliances. As described below, the city will do it 2 times per year at no cost. Spring cleaning is in the air, take advantage of our cities resources!

Large Item Service

​What does the Large Item Service offer?

  • ​ A way to manage bulky household waste, such as: couches, mattresses, stoves, dishwashers, etc.

  • Two collections per year, a minimum of three months apart, at your convenience.

How do I participate?

1. Have your residential utility customer account number handy 2. Call the Large Item Service line at 403-320-3934 with your utility account # handy to schedule a pickup 3. The scheduler will discuss appropriate pick-up items with you 4. Place the items neatly in the alley or front, away from your weekly household waste pick-up area (24 hours prior to scheduled pick-up date)

How much can be picked up?

  • A combination of items not to exceed a total weight of 250kgs or 550lbs with a maximum of 10 standard sized residential bags (not to exceed 25kgs each) and/or 5 large items. These amounts are general guidelines.

  • When you call to schedule your pick-up, a scheduler will assist you and answer any questions relating to the Large Item Service.

How many pick-ups can I schedule?

  • A maximum of two pick-ups per year with three months between collection requests. These limits are set to manage demand in peak season. The scheduler will do their best to ensure your needs are met.

  • If you would like a freon appliance (ie. fridge, freezer) collected through the program, then the collection of the appliance counts as your two pickups because of the cost of the freon removal.

Check out the city's website for more info:

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