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Your dryer can be a hazard, maintain it!

Clothes dryers go hand-in-hand with washers, but dryers have different maintenance needs. You know you should empty the lint trap after every load, but there are several other things you should do to keep your dryer going strong.

Keep the exhaust vent clean. Both Wright and Huntley stress that it’s important to make sure your dryer’s exhaust vent is clean. Wright recommends cleaning it at least once per year. Be sure to check the outside air vent, too.

Make sure the dryer is level. If your dryer is tilting or hopping around while it works, then the components supporting the dryer’s drum will wear out more quickly. Additionally, your dryer will be a lot more noisier.

It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to do a little simple maintenance on your major appliances, but the payoff is big. A clean, well-maintained appliance can run well for years, which will leave more money in your pockets and you won’t be on a first-name basis with your repairman.

All appliances do eventually wear out, however, no matter how well you take care of them. When something does break, you need to know whether to repair or replace. Click that link to learn when to fix it versus when to buy a new one.

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